Career Swap

Conner Samson, Editor

     A few teachers from Totino-Grace were asked what career they would choose other than teaching if they could at this moment. The responses ranged, and allows students to get an idea of the teacher’s interests and personality.

1. Holly Hoey German:

Mrs. German used to work at Unitedhealthcare, and today would pursue two career paths if she was not teaching. One would be in business as a Human Resources Generalist, and the other would be running a nonprofit. This would consist of a Holistic Retreat Center.


2. Matt Thibodeau

After supervising the E3 program, Mr. Thibodeau said that he would like to be an electrical engineer. This is based off of excitement, for it would be straying away from his college degree in astrophysics.

3. Mary Dengerud

Mrs. Dengerud said her first love is teaching; however, if she was to pursue a career today, it would be as a mechanical engineer. This is due to the fact that she “Likes building things.” Mrs. Dengerud added that she studied computer science in college, and that she wants to open up a florist shop with Mary Glenn due to her love for flowers.


4. Mary Neuman

In college, Mrs. Neuman received a double major and a master for librarian and english. Today, she enjoys correcting standardized tests, and would like to travel the world to locations such as Greece, Australia, New Zealand and Scotland.


5. Kayla Cole

Coaching volleyball at Totino-Grace is a second job for Mrs. Cole. She has always been around it, and because of this would like to be a volleyball coach at the collegiate level.

6. Chris Vance
Mr. Vance said that he would become a physical therapist or physician’s assistant because he has a curiosity with the human body and medicine, and he enjoys being able to work with people.

7. Mark Loahr

Mr. Loahr said he has always been into sports, which is why he would pursue a career in sports marketing. Also, he said that he would like to have a career in public relations if he was not a teacher.

8. Janet Genored

Before teaching, Mrs. Genored worked in the military for 9 ½ years. She did this to travel, and would like to acquire a job based on strictly traveling as a travel agent if she were not teaching.

9. Mary Fahlstrom

Ms. Fahlstrom wants to go to South America to study lichens, due to it’s interesting properties. She would like to end up creating a coffee table book based on the organism.

10. Laura Hoss

Mrs. Hoss would like to be a National Geographic explorer and writer. This is due to the fact that she likes to travel, learn and explore.

11. Mike Munson

Mr. Munson would like to be a statistician or a song writer. He has been writing songs for a while, and enjoys the world of statistics, and the connection it has with mathematics.

12. Clarey McInerny

Mrs. McInerny would like to be a naturalist, which is an advocate for the environment. She loves the outdoors, and finds human interaction with the environment fascinating.