New TG Teachers – Ms. Gray & Ms. Shauer


Rachel McLaughlin, Editor

Along with introducing new programs to our school this year, we are also introducing some new teachers. Welcoming in new members to our community is always exciting, especially when they will be our teachers. Since it has already been a month from when they first started taking part in our school days here, we wanted to see how their time here has been so far.

The first day of school can always be nerve racking for new students, especially the students. We forget that teachers can also be nervous too! Ms. Gray was hired in the English department and said she was nervous but excited for the first day. She previously worked at Our Lady of Peace Catholic school with middle school aged students. She is very happy she was hired at Totino-Grace because she has always wanted to work with high schoolers. She originally became a teacher because she has always loved school, reading, and writing. She would like to share that love with others since she believes writing is an important skill to have throughout life. She has enjoyed our community here because of how respectful and welcoming all of the students are.

Ms. Shauer also said this, that the students have been very welcoming towards her. In her first month, she has learned a lot about time management and how to stay organized each day at work. Her favorite part has been interacting with the students through service. She knows that TG is a great path that will lead her to more service since she wants to work with the vulnerable population in her future. Overall, she has really enjoyed being part of our community and is excited for the rest of the school year and all of the campus ministry events.

We are very excited to welcome these new teachers to TG. We are glad they have been enjoying their time here! We will also look forward to highlighting other new teachers in upcoming issues.