Mr. Brown takes on TG


Mark O'Donnell, Contributor

Mr. Jim Dahlman has left TG for a few weeks to take care of his first born daughter. Every student knows how a long term substitute can be when your homework changes and tests are different. As a forensic science student, I was wondering how class would be with our new teacher Mr.Brown.

Well, this isn’t his first rodeo folks. With 33 years as a physics teacher at Cretin-Derham Hall, joining our class won’t be too difficult for him. Having Mr. Brown for a week now, I would describe him as a friendly and calm teacher who is willing to answer all questions.  

“The TG staff and students have been very friendly to me,” Mr.Brown said describing his first week at TG.

Mr. Brown said he likes to be outside when not teaching. “I really like to spend my free time outdoors at my cabin fishing and building items for my cabin.” He actually built the cabin from the ground up over a 20 year period.

During his time teaching at Cretin Derham Hall, he also coached basketball and baseball for Raiders. “I coached Jake Mauer in both basketball and baseball when he was at Cretin.” Jake Mauer, a great player in high school, went on to play in the minor league for a couple of years in baseball.

Many students at TG would probably never expect that an older teacher would be in to the new gaming apps on the Apple store. When Mr. Brown showed me his Clash of Clans base I was in shock; he has a very good base and well protected town hall.

“Clash of Clans is fun for me because my grandson plays with me as we also are in the same clan together.”  It seems like gaming apps can be for everyone as it’s one way for him to have fun with his grandson.