Welcoming Back Mr. Wolfe!


Matt Kennedy, Editor

Adam Wolfe has been teaching for 7 years and at Totino-Grace for 2 of those. But unfortunately, last year he left to go teach at DeLaSalle High School. But, now Mr. Wolfe has returned gracefully to our school.

Mr. Wolfe seemed very moved by our school’s community and thought there was a better connection with the faculty. “I think that there is a strong sense of community here, people are willing to help each other out and work together. The kids and the teachers are supportive and work as a great team. Also, the teachers that teach science here are bouncing ideas of off each other. We are trying to get better as a whole and I haven’t necessarily seen that at other schools.”

Another reason Wolfe has returned to Totino-Grace is also partially for the E3 program. “It’s different. Kids get exposed to going on field trips at professional engineering firms, they have guest speakers regularly, and they have middle schools come in and learn how to do engineering where the high schoolers help them. There is a lot of equipment and the computers are nice for teaching that program. Mr. Welle’s woodshop and the CAD software help as well.”

Mr. Wolfe also started coaching soccer at DeLaSalle for the first time and he is bringing his skills back to Totino-Grace. Wolfe coaches the C-Squad soccer team that is mostly filled with wide eyed freshman hoping one day to see time on the varsity pitch, “the kids are good, they’re smiling.”

If Mr. Wolfe could choose a favorite subject here at TG to teach he thought that teaching Physics for the freshman was ahead of the rest. “Everything’s magic to them. They’re fun and to really show them something brand new.”

Besides being a soccer coach, an E3 and Science teacher, Mr. Wolfe is also going to be creating a robotics club here as well. “There is going to be a robotics program that kids can get involved with and I’ll be one of the moderators/coaches for that. It will be in effect this year. If Totino- Grace can build the funds and have kids sign up, the team will be ready to get started in the spring.”

Please give Mr. Wolfe a warm welcome if you can and he is very glad to be back at his favorite school, Totino-Grace!