Volleyball games limit fans

The high school volleyball setting will look a little different


Ceilia Delmonico, Student Writer

Volleyball has started up with excessive energy in the gym as fans are now allowed to watch games live in action. Unfortunately, the number of fans is limited to two people per player. 

This sport is very entertaining to watch, which is why people who get a ticket are very lucky. Family members and friends are still able to watch online. 

“They will have to continue finding a live stream. This is not great for family members who usually come and watch,” claims Brynn Smith, a Totino Grace Volleyball Captain. 

Fans who choose to come and support the volleyball players are still required to wear masks and social distance as much as possible. The fans seem to enjoy watching as they cheer on the players.

At Totino-Grace home games, the players’ parents are required to help and work the games. This gives other family members and friends to come and watch since the parents won’t need a ticket. 

Parents are responsible for the scoreboard, line judging, announcing, and ball chasing. Their help is much appreciated as those jobs are needed during a match. 

Having a small student section of friends brings a sense of normality. In the past years, the bleachers have been full of students coming to support the volleyball team. 

For away games, the ticket situation becomes tougher as both parents want to watch. Unfortunately, friends or other family members may not get a ticket for an away game.

A chart is sent out every game for the players and their parents to fill out. Whoever is coming to watch the game that day must be signed up by 12 p.m. on the day of the game for tracing purposes. 

The players from the home team and the visiting team are allowed two spectators per player. This fills the stands even more as both teams bring family and friends to watch. 

https://tgvb20.shutterfly.com/pictures/491#480 Limited fans, nonetheless, bring enjoyment and happiness for the volleyball players, “The atmosphere seems normal now with fans. The first game with fans, I felt nervous and got an adrenaline rush from having the fans there,” says Smith. 

Every volleyball player was ecstatic to hear the news of fans allowed at games, “I was super excited to hear this news. I was previously devastated to find out my senior year was possibly ruined because my parents might not have been able to watch. Having fans brings up the energy in the gym,” Smith states. 

According to kdhlradio.com, “The Faribault Activities Director, Keith Badger, says the gym’s capacity can be filled 25 percent.” This brings so much more energy than having no fans allowed in the gym at all. 

Having fans present for the players pumps the gym up and the games are savored as this year brings excitement and unknown factors.