The Senior Slide

Andrea Hoyt, Contributor

The “Senior Slide” is defined as decreased motivation towards studies displayed by students who are nearing the end of their high school careers. The symptoms involved are slowness, repeated absences, overuse of sweatpants and sweatshirts, a dismissive attitude, procrastination, apathy regarding school work, and most of all laziness.

Many seniors have been accepted into college, are beginning to narrow down where to go, signing housing contracts and are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that is high school. Some students have always been preparing for the slide and others feel that the senior slide is a fabrication of lazy students imagination. Julia Hartwig says, “I always knew it would happen, but it’s coming so naturally and soon. I thought it was a choice to slide or not, but I am trying to not slide and it’s not working.” Grace Tutland thought that, “The senior slide was a myth and people just said it as an excuse for being lazy.”

On the flip side, Paige Berg states that, “I am oddly doing the best I have in the past three years, but most people I know are sliding pretty hard. It has made me more aware of what should do because I don’t want my grades to go down.”

The senior slide is affecting students in various ways. Allie Wollman says, “It’s hard to be motivated to do tedious assignments when I’m accepted into college.” Caitlin Foht says, “My grades have been harder to keep up. Compared to freshmen year I would rather get more sleep than stay up and do an assignment. I’m always tired and I’m into college, but still stressed about college.”

When the students are asked about the next six months, most seniors let out a huge grunt. Send your strength and prayers in the direction of your fellow senior classmates and students.