Best places to live for Gen Z


Tania Griffin, Student Writer

Gen Z is a very interesting generation and when it comes to life, we try to make it the easiest we can. It’s time to look at what place might be most convenient for Gen Z to live. Stepping out of high school and going into the independent world can be hard. This article is here to help a small portion of decision making. 

The place where we live shapes what we will do in life, for better or for worse. A community needs to be reliable for Gen Z’s needs.

The article ‘Top 10 best cities in the US for Gen Z’ by, lists the 10 top cities for Gen Z to live in. It also includes what the cities scored to get their ranking in certain categories. Those categories contain affordability, education enrollment, the population of Gen Zers, and unemployment rate.

After interviewing Totino-Grace staff members who either specialize in psychology or interact with Gen Z every day, they came to the conclusion that social life is most important when it comes to Gen Z. So having things like parks and other members of Gen Z to socialize with are important. 

“Having stores closer in walking distance can have a student want to spend more time outside and spend less time in their car” says Ms. Jackson, Totino-Grace school counselor. She sees kids every day and tries to understand what their life is like and how she personally can make school life easier for students. 

In a school system, this is definitely needed because it gets to a point where students need someone in their corner all the time and school counselors do a great job at this. This can be carried into life after high school if they have the right resources and these listed cities would definitely have them. 

Parents and guardians of Gen Zers get first-hand experience of what it’s like to live with and try to understand Zers. Joseph Lemmer is the dorm director of Totino-Grace dorms and he lives with different students from all over the world. He first-handedly gives the students their basic needs to make them a home away from home. 

In a recent interview with him, not only did he mention that social life is a big part of gen z life, but affordability is very important. “Gen Z tries to save money even when it doesn’t need to be saving, but then again they decide to spend it on things they don’t even need.” said Lemmer. This makes affordability very important and convenient for Gen Z. 

Atlanta, Georgia scores the highest in affordability for Gen Z and helps the most with unemployment. Many kids are getting out of high school and searching for their first jobs and it’s easy to find them in the top 10 states. This can also start to give Zers a second to realize that they are now independent and can’t depend on their families’ money and it’s time to make their own. 

Gen Z needs a social life, basic needs, and affordability to be in a place where they can thrive and understand what they want in life. This will help them bring independence themselves and understand how to manage the life ahead of them.