The Attack of The Clowns?

Nick Anderson, Contributor

This coming Halloween will be a bit different for some people due to the recent clown trend. Students and staff voiced some of their concerns over this topic.

Senior Ryan Hall commented on the clowns saying the clown  sightings are “really scary”. Senior Shawn Przybilla shared similar thoughts to Ryan, saying,“The clown sightings are slightly unusual and scary”.

Some concerns students had were that these clowns could pose real danger to others. Mrs. Mary Glynn stated, “Most of the clown issues are people trying to be funny, just trying to scare people”.

Mr. Phil Trovato voiced a bit of a different opinion. “[The clowns] are causing panic which then can cause danger”. When asked if you would be able to distinguish a “real” clown on Halloween, Mr. Trovato stated “I don’t believe in “real” clowns. Everyone is just dressed as a clown.”

Whether you love them or you hate them, the clown trend is dying off and (hopefully) shouldn’t be a problem for anyone this Halloween.