Presidential Debate

Jacob Elwell, Sports Editor

The presidential debate was held on Monday, September 26th in Hempstead, New York.


Featuring Republican candidate Donald Trump, and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the debate lasted approximately an hour and 45 minutes. There were heated debates about the common topics such as Achieving Prosperity, America’s Direction, and Securing America. Many students and a teacher gave their opinions on the results of the debate.


Clinton Won


“I thought Clinton came ready to answer the questions and Trump came prepared only to bash Hillary. I think Hillary Clinton won the debate,” said Tyler Else.


“Hillary Clinton came out with some good ideas, and Trump sort of just said what he’s said from day one. I would say Hillary won the debate, but she needs to think of more things to make this country better or it may hurt her in the long run,” said Charlie Waters.


“Trump sounded stupid so yeah,” said Ryan Cummings.


Trump Won


“Donald Trump won the debate because I feel like he was on the offense for most of the debate, and he had a plan for the issues he brought up unlike Hillary who just brought up the issues without a plan,” said Michael Menth.


Debate was even


“There really was no clear winner, they both repeated things that they said things they have been saying in their earlier campaigns,” said history teacher Phil Trovato.


“I think it was very close to a tie. He won the first forty minutes, and she won the last sixty. But Trump won the part that mattered most, the policy. Donald, for the most part, was controlled. The only times he was not was when she went off policy and attacked him personally. She called him racist with the birther issue, called him sexist in regards to his comments on women, and told him that he lived in his own little world. You know what he called her? He called her Secretary Clinton. Now tell me who is the one that is mean and overreacts! In the first forty minutes he hammered her on trade and taxes. He went off on her, and she had no idea what to do. She sat there with her false, scripted smile and had no adequate response. Along with debating Mrs. Clinton, Trump also had to debate the moderator. Lester Holt always seemed to have a follow up question on Trump about his taxes and so forth. But, There were no follow up questions on Hillary about her email scandal. I think, all things considered, that it was a tie. If you take into account all that he was up against,” said Nick Scovil.