Donald Trump clinches the Republican Nomination

Mary Favo, Contributor

During the Minnesota Primaries, Republicans gave their delegates to Marco Rubio who has since dropped out of the Presidential race. And now I, like many Republicans, must decide between Donald Trump and a third-party alternative. There is no longer hope for a contested convention, and Trump has essentially clinched the nomination. So now there is only one question to ask, Should we vote based on our party’s nominee or what is best for the country?

While the number of Trump supporters is vast, the number of potential Republican voters isolated by his views and beliefs is growing. And there are a growing number of Republican voters who will refuse to vote against their party and for Hillary Clinton, but can not vote for Trump and his plans for America.

Now there is a significant portion of the country who must decide whether to support a party’s presidential nominee, or to support the traditional views of American politics laid out by the Framers. The American system of political parties has changed dramatically during this election. “Conservatives” and “Liberals” are harshly separate groups, completely unwilling of compromise. And those who identify as moderates, are finding themselves trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Although there is yet to be an Independent candidate capable of overtaking Trump, there are still weeks to go before this Presidential campaign is set in stone. And there is still time for Trump to establish some cohesive ideas on important Republican issues and sway those on the fence about his campaign. Although not yet proven, Trump is projected to receive the most votes ever for a GOP candidate, “Trump would likely achieve the primary vote record if he earns a strong win in California’s primary, where he could pick up more than a million additional primary votes.” (“Donald Trump’s Claim about Receiving the Most Votes Ever in Republican Primaries Is False … for Now.” @politifact. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 May 2016.) While many voters are scared of Trump and his projected number of votes, it is significant to note that such a monumental portion of the country’s population is going out and supporting Trump. Junior Giles Koski thinks that, “Regardless of people’s views on Donald Trump, I think they can recognize that he has divided the GOP. Many conservative voters do not want to vote for him and thus won’t show up to the elections, making many worry that Republicans could lose their majorities in both the House and the Senate.”

No matter the turnout of this Presidential election, it is becoming increasingly more obvious that there will be major changes coming to the White House. And the result of this election is going to change the way that candidates run their campaigns in the future.