The Totino-Grace Spectacular Showcase

Ella Padden, Contributor


Lights, camera, hairspray; it’s the Spectacular Showcase! On Saturday, thirteen teams representing schools from three states are gathered at Totino-Grace’s Showcase Spectacular, all competing for the title of Grand Champion. Spectacular was started by Mr. Voss and a few parents back in 1995, making this the 21st year of Spectacular. Spectacular is often the last competition many of these 13 teams will go to because Spectacular happens at the end of the competition season. The title of Grand Champion went to Riverside Company from Hastings High School this year. Riverside Company from Hastings High School also won Best Choreography and Best Vocals.
But Spectacular isn’t just about big hair, sparkly dresses, and toe-tapping tunes. Spectacular is about pride and being able to overcome the stress and preparation in the weeks leading up to it. Junior Kate Lawless said, “My favorite part of Spectacular is the pride we all feel in our show choir community and school afterwards. Hosting a competition is hard work and though it can be stressful and time consuming to set up, it’s all worth it to see how beautiful the school is and how much fun our guests are having!” The work put into making the school an amazing place for teams to come compete at is incredible. “It takes a really long time to get ready for Spectacular. We have to basically transform the entire school,” stated Mary Kittridge.  Spectacular is a meeting of talents and people from many states; it’s a place that people can show their talents and express their passion for performing. And it will be back in 2017 for its 22nd year.


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