Wrapping Up a Successful Mental Health Week

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller, Contributor

As Mental Health week comes to a close, the counseling department is happy with the participation had from students and teachers. Throughout the week many teachers were very supportive and students were glad the week occurred.

Throughout the week there were many activities that took place after school; activities such as Text Talk Act, open gym and open art room occurred. All the activities were very successful and there was on average thirty people that came and went to each activity.

During lunch there were surveys and trivia that students could participate in. About a third of the school, 218 students, took the survey. According to Mr. Morcomb, “57% of 218 have wondered if their friend is joking about suicide.” Along with the survey, on Friday there was also a mirror where you could write something nice about themselves. The purpose of the mirror was that students could look into it and write something positive about themselves. It was to make people feel good about themselves and be okay with who they are. This is probably something that will not continue. It was a good concept, but by the end of the week there was too many other activities like recess going on that people didn’t notice the mirror.

Many students had said that they want Mental Health to be brought up throughout the whole year and not just one week. The only struggle Mr. Morcomb sees is because they are such a small department it’s hard to schedule more events, but they are a growing department and they want people to feel comfortable with who they are.

There are many improvements the Counseling Department is planning to make for next year. First off they need to make it a priority to get convocation time, so we can kick off the week all together. Also, they would improve the education piece and expand the realization of it in the classroom besides just religion and health classes. There are many plans being made already to improve next year’s week and the Counseling Department is excited for next year.