Knowledge Bowl

Maggie Louiselle, Contributor

The Totino-Grace knowledge bowl team did well this year. They qualified for sub regionals and had hopes of making it to regionals.

“Knowledge bowl meets every Tuesday in Mr. Rehfuss’ room for one hour” Nick Scovil, a member of knowledge bowl stated. “He then asks us forty-five questions on anything and we buzz in whenever”. These forty five questions could be taken from the subjects of science, math, history, English/literature, or geography.

Next are the competitions. The previous three competitions have been at Spring Lake Park. Once the team arrives at the high school, they take a written test, “based on how you do on the test, you get put into a room”. The TG knowledge bowl team is split up into two teams, “a higher and a lower team”. They are then put into a room with over 70 teams from other schools. The moderator will then ask forty-five questions on any subject. There are four rounds each located in different rooms and the total competition takes five hours. There are four to five people on each team with one member sitting out each round.

Unfortunately, the Totino-Grace knowledge bowl team was eliminated last Tuesday and is no longer competing. It will be a long few months until it begins again next winter.