Baseball Player Profile

Kyle Petersen, Contributor

As baseball season rolls around, senior captain Mason Schuler looks forward to an exciting year with his friends and teammates. With the season starting on April 9th at Benilde-St. Margaret’s, Mason offers an inside view at the history and feelings that the sport has offered him.

In an email interview Mason said, “Back when I was 5 or 6 years old I started playing organized baseball for the first time.” Nearly 13 years later in his senior year Mason still loves the game he started at a young age. While his senior year of baseball brings bittersweet feelings, he is “excited and ready to play.” Mason hopes he and the team will be able to win a section championship this year.

Looking back at his previous years with a lot of the same teammates, Mason said,”I love being on a team whose players all have the same goal and play for each other.” His senior year is especially important to him as it will be his last, for has no plans to play ball in college.

This year you will catch Mason playing second base or pitching. Show your support to Mason and his fellow baseball teammates by showing up to their first game on April 9th.