Student Profile: Raphael Ferreira


Hannah Daley, Contributer

Raphael Ferreira is a senior who is involved in numerous activities both inside and outside of school. His activities range from productions here at TG, to doing yoga on a slackline.

For some background information, slacklining is walking on a 1.5 inch trampoline tightrope-like material. When asked why he was drawn to the activity he said, “Curiosity. I started when I was at camp in the summer when I was ten and loved it ever since”. That leaves him with eight years of experience in which he has shown improvement. His best record was staying on the rope for one hour without falling. “I can walk back and forth on it without falling,” he says. Even though it is his senior year and college will be his next step, he still plans on doing it after high school whenever he has the time.

Although slacklining may seem like enough, that is only one of many unique activities he is involved in. He wrote a short novel called Friends Will be Friends last year and has been trying to get it published ever since. Along with his writing and yoga, he has created 20 paintings in the last semester alone. Not only does he use his artistic abilities for paintings, but also makeup, as he is a self-taught artist. He has also created a rug that took him seven years to complete. If you ever see him in the halls, make sure to stop and have him show you a couple magic tricks!