Careers to Remember

Conner Samson, Editor

Lewis Kidd and Nicholas Jacob are two of the few student-athletes to have played in every level of Totino-Grace basketball throughout their careers.

     From 9th grade up to varsity level basketball, Kidd and Jacob have been able to not only grow in their game, but also become a source of leadership for the lower-classmen. When asked how Kidd felt about playing every level of Totino-Grace basketball, he responded via email, “It feels really good. I mean it’s kind of funny saying that, but I have had so much fun playing that I can honestly say I love it.” Jacob shares Kidd’s love for basketball, saying, “It feels great to experience so many different levels and coaches during my career. It has definitely kept it interesting.”
     ENN asked how Jacob’s experience gained from participating at every level of Totino-Grace basketball correlated to their role as a leader, in which he responded, “As you grow and learn with the people around you, you learn what works for helping certain people, how to support them, how to build them up, as well as the right way to provide criticism. It is different for every person, but being aware of people’s differences and how to be the best teammate possible to them is huge.” ENN asked Kidd about the molding of himself as a player due to the array of coaching he was provided with the other years, in which he responded, “The coaches have taught me how to have fun and enjoy the game.  Certain coaches have taught me things that have stuck with me.”

     After being asked to reflect on a memory they had on-court during their basketball career at Totino-Grace, Kidd and Jacob both responded with a similar game winning shot scenario. Kidd’s was during the Minnesota Summer League Tournament, while Jacob’s was during freshman year after trailing by fifteen points to Benilde St. Margarets. Jacob referred to the winning buzzer beater shot as, “The coolest thing.” Similarly, the two shared a favorite off-court memory, which consisted of spending time with the team in between or after games, tournaments, and practices.

     Kidd and Jacob were asked what has been their favorite level of basketball that they have played at Totino-Grace. Kidd responded JV or Varsity level, while Jacob enjoyed either Freshmen year due to being able to play with friends, or JV for being more “laid back.”

“Work hard, but remember that the reason you play basketball should be for your teammates. As you get older and into higher levels of basketball, the emphasis on playing as a team only increases, so loving your teammates and supporting them is the most important thing you can learn as a player.” – Nicholas Jacob


     Due to his leadership role on Totino-Grace’s Varsity team this year, ENN asked Jacob if he had any advice for student-athletes in lower levels of Totino-Grace basketball. He covered areas such as hard work ethic and the reason for playing basketball, which he feels is for one’s teammates. Jacob elaborates on this, saying that in higher levels of basketball, the emphasis on playing as a team increases, thus increasing the importance of showing love and support to one’s teammates.
Both Kidd and Jacob can see themselves playing basketball past high-school for leisure, and share the common goal of winning sections and state this year.
     Come see Kidd, Jacob and the team take on Fridley this Thursday, March 3 in the finals for the 4AAA conference.