Can Automakers be all Electric by 2035?


Peter Ness, Student Writer

Automakers can be all-electric by 2035, but that would mean they would have to build many more charging stations.

They would have to upgrade the electrical conduit, which can cost upwards of twelve thousand dollars. And that’s not all. They also have to build the chargers themselves, which can cost $25,000. We would also have to beef up the electric infrastructure in order to charge them.

Not only are chargers the problem, but how will people work on them? There are a lot of people to work on gas cars but not a lot of people to work on electric cars. Electric vehicles are a lot more confusing than gas cars to work on. They are not even similar in the slightest to gas cars. This means that people would have to get trained to work on them. People would have to pay a lot more to get their car worked on because there aren’t enough people. Not only are there not enough people to work on them, but parts are going to be very hard and expensive since they are specialized parts.

After talking to Cody Vomela, Service Drive Manger at Maplewood Toyota, he said that no technicians are certified to work on electric cars, and some don’t can’t even work on hybrids. “Anytime a car comes in for a hybrid battery replacement, we have to outsource the mechanic.” In the future, this cost can add up, costing the customer more money and time waiting for the mechanic.

And that’s just about the general upkeep of the cars. But one must consider how they are made. It takes a lot already to make gas cars but to add a huge battery and a lot more technology. That’s a whole different story.

Lithium mining is horrible for the environment. Another huge concern is what are we going to do with all the old gas cars. It’s not like we can still use them. A study from 2019 shows that forty percent of climate impact is from mining lithium. Isn’t that what electric cars are supposed to stop? 

Can people even afford electric cars? That depends on the state’s incentives for buying an electric car. But a lot of people can barely afford new gas cars, let alone a new electric car. Some will say that over time electric cars are cheaper, and yes, they’re not wrong. Over time, electric cars are cheaper since you don’t have to pay to “fill them up” However, not everyone can front up a $15,000 down-payment for a car.

Automakers will not be all-electric by 2035. It’s going to take alot of re-engineering power grids and a lot of money to gear up the US to have only electric cars.