Getting Young People To Vote

Anne Thompson, Editor

Many teenage voters are approaching their first election in which they are eligible to cast their vote. It’s an exhilarating time for some, but for others it might seem just like another year filled with obnoxious political yard signs and degrading campaign commercials interrupting their Bachelor marathons. The real question is, what is the significance of teenage voters?

To say it bluntly, double tapping on Proud Conservatives instagram posts or having hashtag Feel The Bern in your twitter biography isn’t going to elect your next desired president to office. “Society is trying to make it trendy to be politically involved. Different types of social media are all ways to try and influence teenage voters.” Brian Litecky, a Social Studies teacher, commented on the increase of young voters over the years due to the popularity of the topic on different websites. “Teenage voters are such an underrepresented group of voters and they have the ability to potentially elect our next president,” Litecky adds. A survey taken by found that in the 2012 election, only 45% of voters between the ages of 18 and 29 casted their vote. According to, teenage voters consist of over 20% of the voting population. This drastic statistic has a significant say in who could potentially be running our country, and it is crucial for young people to know their immense effect on the outcome.

Whether it’s relating to paying for college or limiting gun rights, teenagers all have their own personal reasons on why they believe it’s important to them to secure a spot in the voting booth next November. Senior Kyle Petersen believes it is because of more than just one issue that teenage voters want to vote. “I am most looking forward to having a say in who is president by being able to vote for the first time this year.” Other young voters are concerned about the upcoming election and how it directly affects their lives in the future. Mandy Noren, a first time voter says, “It’s crucial for teenage voters to get out there and vote because it is going to be the prime time of our lives when whoever wins is going to be president. There are real issues facing our country, and there are certain candidates willing to change our society for the better. On the other hand there are potential president’s who would not benefit our country’s needs and change it for the worse.” Whatever your reasoning in getting yourself to the point where you can flaunt an “I Voted” sticker on November, 8th 2016, make it possible. Your country depends on you.