Get To Know Your Administration: Mr. Ferguson

Maddie Kubic, Contributor

He is a familiar face to many, to some more than others!

Mr. Jeff Ferguson feels “really blessed that he has been able to experience Totino-Grace as a student, coach, parent and teacher.” He has learned “so much about himself since becoming a part of Totino-Grace”. Mr. Ferguson began teaching at Totino-Grace in 1983, he taught Biology, Health, Earth Science and he even developed the Anatomy courses.  He was the associate dean beginning in 1996 and took Mr. Dave Nigon’s place ten years ago.

Mr. Ferguson was the defensive coach from 1997-2001, and has been the head football coach since 2002.  When asked what has been his favorite year and memory of coaching he replied, “The 2003 first State Championship, it was pretty special!”

According to Mr. Ferguson who has had Catholic education from first grade through college, his Catholic faith is “ingrained in who I am, I absolutely love it here, with the students, staff and parents, it is a huge blessing.”  When asked what special lessons that the Catholic faith has taught him, Mr. Ferguson replied, “The world tries to separate us, we are called to connect, not separate and Mass cements us as a community.”

Mr. Ferguson has two saint-like figures that stick out to him most.  First, his mom and second, St. Joseph.  He picked St. Joseph as his Confirmation Saint, but as he has grown up, St. Joseph has become a “role model of humility” to him.

When asked what keeps him coming back to TG, he replied, “I feel like I come to live, not work.  I love it here and I believe in our mission.”  Mr. Ferguson’s favorite quote is, “Prepare your child for the path, not the path for your child.”

When asked about what his favorite meal is, he replied, “Italian!  My mom’s a full blooded Italian.”  He grew up eating Italian and it is still his favorite today.  Mr. Ferguson’s favorite restaurants include Vescio’s in Dinkytown and Rojo’s Mexicana.

Lastly, when asked if he could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be, he replied, “The Holy Land, I have been there once, but would love to go back, it is beautiful and powerful!”