Registering for your Next Year

James Streeter, Contributor

Many students are anxious for their next year of school. Freshmen can’t wait to get a free period, sophomores can’t wait to be done with Gym, and juniors can’t wait for the senior overnight retreat. With registration currently going on and students running around trying to get their signatures, it’s good to know what’s going on in other grades as well.

A lot of students pick classes for various reasons. Obviously because the class interests them, or taking the class because it looks good for college, and many other reasons. Junior Joe Russell said that about AP English. It was “hard” and “a lot of writing”, but it looks good for college. It’s always good to plan and be ready for college and maybe even get ahead.

Being a sophomore and not really certain about college yet could get a student to take classes he or she might be interested in or curious about. Mark Berger is looking forward to Intro to Sports Medicine next year and says “The class seems interesting and it’s what I want to get into.” He is also in the E3 Program and recommends the program to the freshmen and incoming 8th graders. He likes the teachers, and they make the class enjoyable.

Now most seniors at this point are probably just trying to decide where they want to go to college, not exactly what they are going to do. Being a senior and the oldest, they probably have the most advice to give to the younger students. Jake Roney recommends World Military History and senior gym to the juniors because he says, “They are good classes [and] you learn stuff you haven’t before in.”

One thing all the students  had in common even though in different grades was that they all said that what they like most about a class is how engaging it is and how teachers can keep it interesting. The classes they didn’t like were ones that were boring and just felt like they were being lectured. When you can’t engage with teachers it makes time go slower, it can impact your grade, and learning because it’s harder to stay focused.