Celebrities are Idolized

Celebrities are Idolized

Peter Schaar, Student Writer

Celebrities are humans too; there is no need to treat them as anything but regular people.  Treat them as you would your friend or coworker, in other words, with respect and friendliness. 

Former Timberwolves worker, Andrew Million, stated that they love to be treated like normal people.  With his many interactions with famous people, NBA stars especially, he says if you treat them like a friend they will be friendly back.  

When people are only seen on TV and are always being talked about, we tend to forget that they are regular people too. Just like us, they are people who have feelings and emotions.  We have to understand we live on the same planet as them and they’re not above us.  

Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they like the fame or even want it.  This leads them to enjoy the time they get when people don’t treat them as famous or above them. 

“Celebrities like to be treated equally and not idolized,” said Million.  

Million expressed more than once that celebrities appreciate when they can relax and have a normal conversation as if they were not even famous.

There have also been many instances where famous celebrities have been taken advantage of.  People love to use them to provide a narrative that may not always be true.  News sources love the clicks and nothing gets more clicks than talking about celebrities and the Kardashians in particular.  

This doesn’t mean that every celebrity doesn’t want attention.  For some of them, it’s their brand to be talked about and looked at.  But for your typical average celebrity, they wouldn’t mind some normalcy every once in a while.   

With that being said, sometimes it is unavoidable.  When we see a celebrity out of nowhere our heart begins to race and it all comes down to whether we can control our emotions or not.  We have to be respectful when we see them and understand that they may not want to be seen or even talked to.  

It’s best to just let them continue on their way.  Other times, however, if they seem in a good mood we can politely ask them for a picture or even just tell them you’re a big fan.  It’s not every day we get to see someone famous so might as well try to say hi.  

Every encounter that Million has had with a famous person has gone well.  All it takes is kind words and not be too persistent.  With those attributes in mind, you can have a pleasant conversation with celebrities.  

We have to start treating celebrities like they are regular people when we see them in public.  Think about how they feel before you go and talk to them. Simply use common sense when in any situation with a famous person and go from there.