Totino-Grace recovered well after Covid-19.

Totino-Grace recovered well after Covid-19.

Amari Jaramillo, Student Writer

COVID-19 has been the epicenter of our lives for the past two years. But how much has it really changed the community around us? Lots of change can be seen in the TG community, not only to the students but also to the faculty and overall atmosphere of the school. 

The schedule has changed. We realized having community days are important and having some longer class periods are useful every now and then. We can do distance learning when someone is out with Covid now. Better sanitation – disinfecting stations, more regular cleaning of classrooms and facilities,” said Erin Schmidt, Biology/Forensic science teacher.  

Not only has health become a big focus but also has become more suited to keep its students safe and healthy.

Most schools throughout the country have gone back into school full time but also leaving kids with the option of being online for safety reasons. “I really admire how if we are sick we still have the option of doing classes online so none of us miss anything. It keeps everyone engaged” said Ryan Nelson, a student at TG. 

The school also set in place Community Development Days (CDD) where students get to unwind and really grow as a community.

“It was harder to build relationships with students because not everyone was in the classroom on a consistent basis and it was difficult to read people with masks on,” said Schmidt, who talked about how CDD has helped TG put a positive outlook on the year.