Coronavirus’ impact on Show Choir

The show will go on, just differently


Belle Petronack, Student Writer

A scientific study through the University of Colorado has studied what happens when you sing and how to make it safe. The study is still in the process of completion. However, early results show masks firmly reduce aerosol emission allowing for safe singing up to 30 minutes at a time.

Totino-Grace has had Adam Miller as their new choir director for a full year now, and he is keeping students safe while singing during unsettling times.  Precautions that Totino-Grace has taken are the choir room chairs are placed seven feet apart left to right, and 14 feet apart from front to back. This combined with masks and with our AC unit makes it a safe environment to participate in choir.

“When we left school last spring, I couldn’t predict things would last this long,” Adam Miller states. The difficulties of regular choir extend into show choir, as there is no good way to hold competitions. This makes it difficult to present a show to an audience.

Instead, Totino-Grace is taking a different approach to show choir. Using the theme planned originally for this year, Company of Singers will be making a music video. The owwner of, in addition to using a local sound engineer, will be working with Totino-Grace to help create this production. Company of Singer’s show choir theme is “Phoenix,” which includes pop songs from generations that allow its members to rise and soar in strength.

Mr. Miller grew up in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, and is a graduate of UW Lacrosse. His first job as a director was at Janesville Craig High school. Although Totino-Grace is much smaller than Janesville, our size has allowed us to create a close community, which was missing in the overall school at Janesville.

Mr. Miller appreciates being able to be with students individually; therefore, he is able to build strong relationships with his students. Miller states; “I came into TG not super religious, and after being a part of the community I love the power of prayer.”

A highlight of Mr. Miller’s time at Totino-Grace is the ability to connect in a spiritual way with one another. He also loves the way the seniors step up to be leaders in the choir department and co-curriculars. Students are excited to continue learning and practicing with Mr. Miller and cannot wait to see what he has in store with this year’s music video.