Interested in Student Ministry?

Roberta Kennedy, Reporter

As the school year is coming to an end sophomores and juniors are learning about and deciding which clubs and activities that they are able to be apart in the fall. One student organization they should consider joining is Student Ministry. Benefits include growing in faith, participating in different service work, and leading Chapel.  

Here at Totino-Grace students are welcomed to be apart of the Student Ministry team at the end of their sophomore year. Senior, Veronica Kuffel says, “The reason why I joined the Student Ministry was becasue I wanted to improve my faith life and by being in this group it’s helped me learn ways to continue my faith and become a spiritual leader here in school as well as outside of school.” As for Junior, Ashley Hobot, she said, “ I joined Student Ministry to help live my faith more actively than just going to religion classes. It’s also a good opportunity to grow into a better leader as you set an example by setting up for and participating in masses and fundraisers.”

Both girls had the same common interest in being apart of the team. They both wanted to improve and stay active in their faith life. By being apart this club students are presented with so many opportunities to grow in faith such as leading Chapel, writing the morning prayer, participating in Mass and helping lead retreats.

A hope that Ashley has for the team next year would be that the group “ Can find a way to reach out to more people in our community who aren’t Christian, or don’t feel comfortable going to chapel.” Ashley has this hope because she has grown in her faith because of this group and, “Being in this group reminds me that I am a visible symbol of Christians to others so I should try my best to love others and follow Jesus.”

Student Ministry is a great club to be apart of because students are benefited by strengthening their relationships with God as well as helping others in the process. Students go through a faith experience with others and learn about themselves and God in the process.

Sophomore and juniors can fill out an application and will complete an interview with either Mrs. Bennington or Mr. Million. Interested students should contact Mrs. Bennington or Mr. Million about joining the organization.