Graduation Parties Soon Begin


Courtesy of: Chris at Sir Ives

Braeden Mischke, Reporter

Grad Party season is upon us. In the following weeks, seniors will graduate, and the grad parties will begin. Weekends will become jam-packed with parties and seniors will be scrambling to keep up with all of them.

The key to making sure your grad party is the one to be at involves a few different things. For one, picking the right weekend is crucial. You probably don’t wanna pick weekends like mother’s day or the fourth of July, because you want your grad party to be the number one priority. You also want to try to avoid busy weekends. If you know of a popular weekend in which many other people are having grad parties, you should try and pick a different one for yours. For example, Senior Nate Schutz has decided to have his grad party early, even before we graduate. He will be the only one from TG with his grad party on May 27th. The second way to make sure you have the greatest grad party is to cater in some delicious food. Seniors get excited when they hear that their favorite food will be at a certain grad party. They will then make it a priority to make it there, even if it is just for the food. Twins Lauren and Alex Bergmann will be catering in Raising Cane’s Chicken. Pairing this with their dazzling personalities and off the charts popularity, this grad party will be a hoot. Other varieties of food being offered include Donuts and waffles, Portillos, Cossetta’s, Olive Garden, Taco bar, and coal-fired pizza (just to name a few).

Some seniors are electing not to have a grad party. Senior, Nick Flottmeier will be hopping on a cruise with his family instead of hosting his own grad party. His mother could not find a great time where all family members are around to help, so they will be visiting Cozumel, Roatan, and various other places in Mexico. Senior Logan Konze decided not to have one either. “I would rather just go to other people’s grad parties and have my parents give me money directly.” This is a common theme among people who are not having their own party. Parents will simply give them a decent junk of money as a graduation gift.

The smell of summer freedom is at the nose of every senior, and most cannot wait to be done. The start of grad parties means the end of High School, and for some, that’s a blessing. It is only a few short weeks until the parties begin.