Are Hydro Flasks Worth It?

Marie Clysdale, Editor

Durable, reusable, and fun colored water bottles are a current trend at Totino- Grace. These bottles may be cute, but are they worth the high price tag? If water temperature is important to you then yes, Hydro Flasks, are well worth the price tag due to their water insulating technologies. However, not everyone can afford to spend their money on something as simple as a water bottle. That is why Bubba water cups and bottles are perfect for the average consumer who wants a durable, reusable, and fun colored water bottle at an affordable price.

Hydro Flasks are the latest water bottle trend with its vacuum insulated, stainless steel, and sweat free technology. It has the ability to stay cold for up to 24 hours and remain hot for up to 12 hours. The entire Hydro Flask line is vacuum insulated, which means there is an absence of matter between the two stainless steel walls. The vacuum acts as a barrier to heat transfer so that the temperature outside of the flask doesn’t affect the temperature of the contents of the flask. The vacuum wall also prevents condensation from forming due to cold drinks and heat transfer from hot drinks. All Hydro Flasks are made of stainless steel that is BPA- free and highly resistant to absorbing odor, taste, and bacteria. Hydro Flask also offers a lifetime warranty with the purchase of one of their Hydro Flask bottles.

Bubba water cups may not be as fancy as Hydro Flasks, but they come in lots of different colors and made of durable plastic. The cap on the Bubba is pretty loose, so make sure to have precaution if it tips over because it may spill. Bubba water cups come with a fat straw which makes it look funky and retro. Bubba’s may not keep your drink ice cold for hours, but it is the perfect way to bring lots of water on the go to keep you hydrated.

Both Bubba cups and Hydro Flasks come in lots of colors and styles to fit your personality. Bubba cups may not offer as many benefits as the Hydro Flask, but it does have a cheap price tag. For around $12, the 34 oz Bubba Classic Insulated Travel Mug with Handle is available on Amazon or at your local Target. The Hydro Flask retails for around $35 on Amazon and can be found at REI.