Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Saji Fernandes, Reporter

Last week, students signed up for the American Red Cross’s blood drive, an annual opportunity to donate blood at TG.

Available to those who are at least seventeen years of age, the opportunity allows students to exercise their Christian calling to love and serve others.

The American Red Cross states that less than 38% of people are eligible to donate ‒ there is an in-depth question process that allows the Red Cross to ensure safety for both donors and recipients. Some of the basic requirements are pictured below.

Courtesy of American Red Cross

Donors are encouraged to consume iron-rich food items, such as meats, eggs, vegetables, and bread, in the days before the donation.

The donation process consists of four steps as detailed by the American Red Cross:

  1. Registration
  2. Health history & mini physical
  3. Donation
  4. Refreshments

The blood extraction usually takes about 8-10 minutes, during which a pint of blood is collected.

One TG student, Gavin Lemay, signed up for the drive to “help others and get out of class.” Going into the process, Lemay was feeling nervous about passing out, but “wavy” at the same time. However, following the physical, he was deemed unfit to donate. Lemay claims to have had a “huge gusher,” or bloody nose, the night before, meaning that his blood pressure was not ideal.

Regardless, Lemay, like many others, are willing to attempt to donate again in the future.