The Influence of Social Media


Courtesy of Business Insider

Lindsay Mayo, Reporter

The generation of kids today receive most of their news from biased social media outlets, and then fail to form their own opinions. The biggest mistake someone can make, is to believe everything they see on social media. Many people do this, whether they think it or not. Not only is social media an active part of almost everyone’s day, but it is increasingly growing, and doesn’t look like it is slowing down anytime soon.

Kids and teens are the ones who are most influenced by posts, comments, and pictures on social media. Many are addicted to their phones, wanting to always check who has posted a new Instagram picture, send out a new tweet, or who has sent them a snapchat picture back. Although it may be fun to see what others are doing on social media or to be active on it, there are instances where it can be harmful. Some posts on instagram or facebook make others look happy, healthy, and even perfect. These days there are apps to make people look prettier, thinner, and as thought they are at a beautiful destination. The problem with social media is people can show what they want to show, such as the good parts of their life, and not show the ugly or hard times. This results in others looking at their pictures and comparing them to their own. Jealousy comes present and makes them want to look like that person, go to those places, be that happy.

Being younger, kids look to others for direction and follow their actions. Hateful comments and use of foul language is on any social media site. These responses are an example for others of all ages and are not a good ones. Social media users are able to say whatever they want and are more likely to say it behind a screen rather than in person. Too much time spent online is a problem for younger kids because it gets them into the routine of staying inside and looking at electronics. This can become a habit for them to stay in their comfort zone instead of having real-world interactions and connections.

Even though there are bright sides to having the ability to be part of social media, there are also potential dangers. The problem that comes with it is that it does not always show the full truth of people. There are ways that social media users are able to tell or show others that may be false and is not really their true life. It is also not always the best role model for others because some people follow what others are doing. It is great that social media has connected us with others in different ways, but there are factors that can be more harmful than good.