Tattoos (Pros & Cons)

Tattoos (Pros & Cons)

Roberta Kennedy, Reporter

Seniors here at Totino-Grace have been talking about getting tattoos, but are on the fence about it. Getting a tattoo can be fun, but of course, it has its pros and cons. Pros for getting a tattoo include being able to express how you feel or getting it for a meaningful person in your life. Cons include prices, pain, infection and more.

Katy Sauer from the class 2018 just recently got a tattoo and a pro of having it she said, “I got it to remember a very special pet in my life. My first dog Diesel, to remember him I got his paw print, but the only cons is the itching afterward, the pain, and the cost.”

Mr. Trovato, a history teacher said, “My tattoos were inspired by my grandpa and daughters.” When it came to the pain he said, “The pain was very moderate, but I don’t see myself seeing getting another soon because I knew of the ones that I wanted.”  

Senior Mark Berger said, “The only con I was mainly afraid of was the guy sneezing and missing up my tattoo badly, but other than that I had no other cons.” When asked how did he choose where to locate his tattoo Mark said, “Someplace that isn’t visible because of work and getting a job one day.”

If you are senior and on the fence about getting a tattoo make a pros and cons list, speak to others about their experience and do your research. Advice that all three people had above was to get a tattoo if and only if you are certain about it, and let your tattoo have a meaning to you.