Winter Activities to do in Minnesota


Photo by Matt Allred.

Braeden Mischke, Reporter

March can bring the winter blues for most Minnesotans, many are just hoping for spring to come early, but there are plenty of things to go out and do as late snowfalls try and shelter us inside. Many activities in the winter are family friendly and only accessible during these cold, snowy months.

Snowmobiles roar to life when the snow finally falls. Pushing down the throttle on a powerful automobile brings a rush of adrenaline to many riders. Feeling the cold breeze up against your face as you go down a beautiful trail in the northern woods brings a feeling of freedom like no other. This activity is great to plan during a weekend out with friends. Picking up a snowmobile can be expensive, but it will provide you with years of fun. Polaris, Ski-doo, Yamaha, and Arctic Cat all produce great snowmobiles that are trusty and sharp looking. Prices range from $2,000-$10,000 depending on the year and condition of the snowmobile. Buying all equipment such as helmets and snow gear can be bought at a store like Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Another popular and family-friendly winter activity is ice fishing. Picking a day that isn’t sub-zero, and going out with your family or friends onto a lake to fish is a very peaceful outing. Along with your fishing gear, you can bring snacks to keep you energized, and a heater to keep you warm. Of course, it is much nicer to have an ice fishing house, but if you do not own one, you can simply bring a bucket to sit on. Buying all of your gear such as ice fishing poles, ice augers, and tip-ups can be done at stores such as Cabela’s or Dick’s Sporting Goods. Actually catching the fish is as simple as finding a bait store, picking up some grubs or worms, and dropping it down your ice hole.

If you would prefer not to be outside during these cold months, an indoor activity that proves to be more fun in the winter rather than the summer is bowling. It is great for family bonding and having a great time. It also is one of the cheaper options for winter fun. You don’t need to bring anything of your own, but instead just rent shoes, buy some food, and bowl!

Finding stuff to do late in winter can be tough, and all you might wish for is for spring and summer to be right around the corner, but it is important to enjoy the winter months while they last.