Fortnite Season 3

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Ryan Samson, Reporter

Fortnite is free, battle royal video game, where one hundred players from around the world drop into one map. Their mission is to gather loot, take each other out, and be the last one standing. Fortnite can be played in solo, duo, or squad mode. Fortnite has taken the world by storm and creates seasonal updates to allow the game to be fresh and new.

Season two had many good memories. Season three, however, has shifted the Fortnite game forever. Fortnite season three allows you to customize the Fortnite character more in-depth creating a look that the player wants. Fortnite has also added new lighting to make the graphics of the game brighter, which leads to spotting players and guns easier. Fortnite display bars have one-upped last seasons. Now, a player can see how many kills they have at the pause menu and who’s spectating them during the game. These are minor updates to the game which made season three one up season two.

The battle pass returned for season three. The battle pass is available to any players willing to invest ten dollars into Fortnite. The battle pass has tiers, where players can rank up and earn stars for completing challenges. With every ranked up tier comes new challenges as well as new items. What makes season three battle pass different than the rest is that there are weekly challenges to rank up tiers quicker. These weekly challenges add meaning to the tier system. The challenges also lure in the players to game longer to achieve the challenges faster than their friends.

The new tier rewards have made the community happier than ever. New costumes; astronaut, rust lord, moonwalker, dark voyager, elite agent, and johns wicks. Players feel the need to game hours on end to unlock the new costumes to make their player have style. With the new costumes comes new dances and emotes. Take the L dance, salute, robot, and best mate allow you to interact with other players for fun and also mimic them when you win.

Fortnite players at Totino-Grace have their own opinions on season three and the new battle pass. Juniors Charlie Olson and Thomas Cormier say, “It’s a lot better than the previous updates. I’m hesitant on the new jetpacks that are coming to the scene of Fortnite. With the growing popularity of the game, it is attracting quite the servers which are annoying.” Junior Coin Neilson has the same view at Thomas and Charlie saying, “I really like the new skins, and love the process of how they are making a free game better. They are the best free game in the history of the universe. The battle pass is worth buying. Go big or go home.”

Whether you’ve never played Fortnite, rarely play, or an extreme gamer, Fortnite has a place in everyone’s life. Fortnite season three has shifted the Fortnite culture forever and it’s only going to get better from here.