The Mental Health Benefits of Art

Lemane Namarra, reporter

Creating art is an effective way to stimulate your brain that anyone can do. Art can give your brain a mental break, increase your chemical levels of dopamine, and make you a better student. Art can be practiced by everyone and has positive effects.

When you are creating artwork it gives your brain a break from your thoughts. When you are totally lost in yourself in creating you are in a state known as “the zone”. This is like a meditative state where your mind is focused and temporarily pushes all your worries away. Creating trains you to concentrate on details and pay more attention to your environment. Art also enhances your problem- solving skills and encourages creative thinking that helps you come up with your own unique solutions.

Doing any form of art like knitting, photography, or painting can provide a sense of accomplishment. Creating art can increase the “feel good” feeling dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that releases endorphins which are known as the “motivation molecule”. It boosts drive, focus, and concentration. It can also help you plan ahead and resist impulses so you can achieve your goals.

Expressing art and an early age can make a better student for life. People have always suspected that art programs make better students and now science can finally back that up. Children that perform art perform better in math, language, and reading. There is evidence that the brain-enhancing benefits of art lessons received during childhood can follow through adulthood and last a lifetime. The art lessons can increase brain plasticity, fluid intelligence, IQ, and attention. It also improves overall behavior and reduces impulsiveness.