Tax Free Sheep

Walking the Halls with Celebrities You Didn't Know About

Rachel McLaughlin, Editor

“Heart, soul, and belief in the one and only, Gary.”

If you haven’t heard already, a group of senior boys are soon to become online celebrities. Tax Free Sheep is an online website created in the past couple of months by seniors, Brock Schmitz (CTO), Matthew Boston (CFO), Dylan Sable, Alex Thayer, and Nick Swanson. All of these creators are strong followers of Gary Johnson, they believe he was truly elected president, but the corporatist globalist establishment failed to recognize him as the true president. This whole website is based on the injustice that occurred against him. All members want to bring attention to how great he is.

This website was also created to deliver news about Gary Johnson’s personal life. They call all of the articles they write “Real Fake News.” Their articles elaborate on emotion. They always begin with a signature headline to capture readers attention and then start with two words to tell the readers how they should feel listening to it. When writing their articles they are upfront that they don’t care about facts, sources, misquoting, proper grammar, proofreading, and the photos are not always fitting of what actually happened. Some of the rules they have for their articles are that they cannot write on anything that is actually happening in the news, there can be no profanity and finally the most important, there SHOULD be obscure references made. For example, they wrote about how Gary doesn’t know what space is. They also wrote about how Gary recently announced the new Waffle House 2. Obviously, this might not be the most reliable news, but it is still made for pure enjoyment.

This website was created on November 1st. It was originally a google site but the members ran into some trouble when they were making ads on their page and creating revenue for them. They then changed to a wiki site so that they wouldn’t create problems for themselves. They plan to continue to work on this site for years to come, and maybe include some more writers. “We confronted the establishment, and we won. Our everlasting hope is to gain revenue.”

For more information you can visit their website, donations are always appreciated! (