Surviving Finals Week

Elizabeth Tutland, Writer

During finals week, most people try to achieve two goals: Do well on tests and keep the stress levels low.
Most of us turn to caffeine, sugary foods, and cram sessions for help, but there are other ways to study better and lower stress.

#1 Exercise
Exercise can be one way to relieve your stress. Going for a walk or doing some yoga can help let off extra energy you have and gain focus to study.

#2 Take breaks
Taking breaks while studying is necessary. If you study for a long time with no breaks, your concentration tends to break and the information you are studying won’t be retained. During these breaks, you can exercise, eat, rest, or do an activity that will take your mind off the studying.

#3 Get extra help
Ask your teacher for help! Many students don’t ask for help, and that is a huge mistake. If you do not understand the material, ask a friend or classmate. You don’t want to go into the exam not knowing what you’re doing.

#4 Study with a group
If you tend to procrastinate, studying with a group of people might help. If you choose to make a group, choose wisely. If the group is filled with all your close friends, you most likely won’t study. Before you study with the group, learn the material by yourself, then review with your group.

#5 Prioritize
If you just start studying without a plan, you are likely to pass over important topics and over-study unimportant subjects. Study information you don’t know before reviewing topics you understand. Plan your week, plan your day, and plan what to study.

#6 Sleep
Finals week can make people get a lack of sleep. Some people can study on 3 hours of sleep, but most need more. Plan plenty of sleep time in your week because all-nighters shouldn’t be an option. Sleep will help you study, even if you end up having less time for studying, the time you do have will be worth more.