The Pro Bowl Problem


Matt Kennedy, Editor

Once the AFC and NFC championships come to a close everyone is excited for the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, fans can an entertaining game and expect a high-scoring Pro Bowl. Even though this game will be high-scoring this bowl has been losing interest and the ratings are decreasing year after year.

This year, a new and quirky addition to the Pro Bowl is dodgeball. Yes?! This definitely is interesting and the NFL finally trying to reinvigorate the tired formula. Last year, they tried to implement skills competitions but they ultimately felt flat compared to the NBA’s three points/slam dunk or MLB’s home run derby. It would be incredible if we could see the AFC’s and NFC’s quarterbacks chucking balls at each other and be extremely entertaining.

Here are some creative ways of how the NFL can revolutionize its all-star experience:

  • Head to the Weight Room: Max bench press, pull-ups, or squat? Football first and foremost is all about strength. Let us as fans witness the ridiculous strength of these physically advanced human beings.
  • Locations unfamiliar with Football: Hawaii has had it’s fun with the Pro Bowl and Orlando is too bland because it is in the US. If the Pro Bowl was held in Australia or Italy the views would be astoundingly great. The NFL is trying hard to bring the NFL to London, why not show it to the rest of the world?
  • Different Field Competitions: A 100-Yard Dash between two players going down and back the field? Lineman doing a board drill contest? A throwing battle between QB’s on how far they can throw the pigskin? The ideas are endless.

Share your opinions in the comment section. The Pro Bowl is losing to the MLB, NBA, and NHL All-Star Weekends. Yet, the NFL is America’s most popular sport to watch.