UCLA Basketball Players Shoplifting Arrest

Andrew Nguyen, Reporter

UCLA’s top three college basketball players Liangelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill have been arrested for shoplifting in China. The whole UCLA team was in China for an exhibition game against Georgia Tech and had extra time to hang around when they weren’t at the basketball game. The three basketball players went shopping in some of the most luxurious stores.

The three were spotted in the Louis Vuitton store trying on merchandise and stole sunglasses. The Louis Vuitton workers called security and looked for the footage. The workers went after the theifs to retrieve the stolen glasses, as well as other merchandise from two other stores.

Soon after Ball, Riley, and Hill were brought in and arrested on November 7th. The three were arrested and jailed in China. They were facing 3-10 years of jail time.  The instance and arrests went viral. President Donald Trump took action. Trump went out of his way to talk about the incident with China’s president Xi Jinping. Trump said the incident with the three UCLA college athletes was “Unfortunate” because China takes their rules seriously but luckily China’s president  Xi Jinping decided to let the situation go. Ball, Riley, and Hill were released and sent home on November 14th.

President Trump asked the three men for a thank you and apology letter to China’s President Xi Jinping. An apology statement was tweeted out to Xi Jinping from Ball.

The UCLA college athletes escaped Chinese prison, but unfortunately, they will not be able to escape other consequences and punishments. UCLA Chancellor Gene Block expressed her relief of their return but is assessing the matter of punishment.   As of right now Ball, Riley and Hill’s have been suspended indefinitely and in the meantime, they will not able to travel with the team.