Gaming Major?


Calisto Zhang, Reporter

Most students at Totino-Grace High School join a club to show their interest in specific subject or area, and those interests might end up being one of their major choice once they go to college.

There is no such a team or club dedicated to video games at the high school level, but the pro-gaming major is offered at many universities. This might sound ridiculous because video games are about relaxing and have fun. Parents might argue that this activity will distract their student from studying.  This club team and future college major can attract students to become pro-gramers. Students at TG were interviewed and shared their perspectives on video gaming as a club and major. 

Frank Chen, a senior international student, provided a few ideas, “With the development of technology, more people start playing video game, so the professional gaming become more popular correspondingly.” He thinks that technology is main reason that push us into the “new generation world.” He said that not every single person can be a pro-gamer. “The people who is talented in reaction and brain-hand coordination might be a pro-gamer. However, the age does have a matter to this major, it just like athletes, once they past 25, they probably will slide down depend on how much they train every day.”   

George Franklin, a sophomore address this situation from a different angle, he said gaming is just like sports. “Because everyone, even if they are not athletic can play games.” He said that because athletes have to have a good body condition to achieve goals, but games are open for everyone, they don’t have many limits. He also mentioned that people who are quick to react and also the people who have good communication will fit this major. George has a different opinion with Frank. George thinks that age doesn’t influence the skill of a pro-gamer, because the more time you play or train, the more experience they will get.

Kevin Li, a senior student, said that right now the game quality is improving these days.The salary of gaming is increasing, that’s why is getting popular today. “People Good reflection and fast thinking will have a better chance to be successful in the gaming area. But age is an issue to those young pro-gamers,s since there are tons of people joining the big group. Those younger teenagers usually have a fast thinking and reflection.” He said that those pro-gamers’ parents usually hate this major and they might argue with their kids. That is because they think doing video game is fun but useless. But Kevin think there is a bright future for those pro-gamers, “they sometimes make a miracle and make people exciting.” He said.

Today seems like there are more and more teenagers choosing to become pro-gamers. Nevertheless, the public is still holding a disagreement on is whether should those students should choose gaming major. We may never know the answer to this double-edged sword.