Obesity – A Common Health Problem


Claire Schumacher, Reporter

There are several health problems in this world from the common cold to severe illnesses. However, the most common health problem today is obesity. According to Google, obesity is the condition of being grossly fat or overweight. Obesity can be caused by eating too much and moving too little. Fast food, too much alcohol, and too much sugary drinks commonly cause obesity as well. Bad eating habits can be common in families when children are influenced by how much and what their parents are eating.

Comfort eating is also a significant problem. People develop comfort eating when they eat during a time of stress and depression. The food becomes a way to cope with our problems, making it easier to binge on unhealthy foods. Mental health can an have impact on your appetite and can eventually cause people to abuse their consumption of food, whether it being too much or not enough.

However, obesity is preventable. Stanford Health Care states that spending less than 2 hours in front of the tv, choosing more whole grain foods, and working in an intense workout into your day can help prevent obesity. You can also look online for more ways to prevent obesity and maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.