Bowling Team 2017


Claire Schumacher, Reporter

           As bowling reaches the end of it’s season, we get the opportunity to recognize and check-in on how the boys have done so far. The bowling team has become a fun way for friends to come together and have a fun competition while doing so. Talented junior bowler Muny Ngigi says bowling is a great way to spend time with friends and improve your skills. His long term goals include bowling at the University of Toledo and settling down with his kids so he can introduce them to the world of bowling.          

The season ended with JV finishing 6-9 while varsity finished with 3-12. Senior Jack Kroehler received the the all honors award and was named 2nd team all conference. Another person to receive the all honor’s reward was senior Garrett Ruzichka. Overall, both bowling teams had a strong and fun season and are looking forward to next season!