New Homeroom Rule Implanted At TG


Pictured: Mr. Dahlman, head of the new homeroom program.

Matt Kennedy, Editor

There is a new homeroom rule in effect here at Totino-Grace this year. Previously year by year the school has had different homeroom teachers and classmates for each Eagle here at Totino-Grace. But now it is not the case partially because of the new implemented TG Connect program and that our school administration feels that there should be an increase in togetherness.  


“It’s great but I’m saying this so I won’t get fined”, says junior Nick Jezierski. “It’s smart but at the same time it’s dumb because you can’t meet any new people”. Replies fellow junior Josh Pinc.


Mrs. Koessler who was one of the creators of this new system stated “I think that our faculty researched what other schools around the metro are doing and this was a great idea. As a homeroom teacher I love to get to know my students and do something fun with them once a month to grow together. Many other schools have classes like Foundations and Advisory which are pretty much exactly what we are trying to accomplish with this new homeroom setup. It’s also a great way for the freshman to make friends easier throughout their whole high school career.”


Koessler and a bunch of other members of the faculty were all creators of this program led by science teacher Jim Dahlman who was able to sit down and talk one on one.


MK: So, why was this new homeroom system enacted this year? JD: The school had been actually talking about this for a number of years and more detailed in the last couple of years. It was just decided that this year we would put the plan into action. There was a lot of talk with the administration and faculty at TG for having an advisory sort of system instead of our regular homeroom program that we have always used. MK: And what is the central point that this plan is trying to elaborate on? JD: One of the hallmarks of TG has always been community and we as a staff feel that this will pull our faculty even more close to our students relationship wise and help new freshmen develop friendships throughout their high school career and beyond. MK: And some students have been not looking forward to this plan because they do not get to have a new connection to a teacher and find new friendships to talk to every day before their daily classes. How would you come up with a solution to that? JD: I think with the homeroom time that we have, since it is usually only 7 minutes, is the reason why we chose to have the same students in homeroom for 4 years. We can build a consistent relationships and students will not just make new friends in homeroom, they will meet a bunch of students in their classes and activities. This will foster a relationship between everyone in the same homeroom that will be an extreme help in the advisory aspect of Totino-Grace.


Well we know for one thing is that this is a hotly debated topic. Are you on the side of the traditionalist homeroom system or on the side of the more popular and new style? Feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section.