Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

Claire Schumacher, Reporter

All around the world, celebrities are living, acting, and dying, but what is the truth behind their deaths? Celebrities from past to present who have died are honored and mourned, but the conclusions of some deaths just don’t add up. Conspiracy theories have been brought into consideration and bring about truths that make you wonder what actually happened. Stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Short, and Natalie Wood have been given attention about their mysterious deaths, and here I will share what police reports say as well as the general public.

Marilyn Monroe’s death was a shocking and tragic event that troubled many people around the globe. The tragedy was announced as an overdose on sleeping pills in 1962 but many fans were not convinced by this allegation. The connection between Marilyn and John F. Kennedy along with his brother Robert (she was allegedly having an affair with both brothers) created a theory that the government possibly had something to do with her death based on her relationship with the brothers. Is it possible that the government orchestrated her death in order to protect the hidden secrets that may have been leaked to Marilyn by John or Robert?

Actress Elizabeth Short was another famous and slightly mysterious death that left the public asking questions. Short, also known as “The Black Dahlia”, was found murdered in Leimert Park in Los Angeles, California. According to TIMES Magazine, the woman was found cut in half along with 3-inch cuts on her house, creating a clown-esque look. Her body was also carefully drained of blood, almost as if the killer had done it before. Many people confessed to this famous murder but no one has found the truth. Was this brutal murder from someone she knew well or a stranger that happened to pass by?

The mysterious death of Natalie Wood also raised many questions. According to Vanity Fair, a few weeks before her death she said: “I am afraid of water that is dark”. Soon after the interview, Woods was found floating facedown in the Pacific ocean right off the Blue Cavern Point after disappearing from her yacht. She was found in her nightgown and blue wool socks. Investigators say she was over the California legal limit to drive which could have caused her to fall over but many people have a different theory. People believe someone on the yacht was responsible for the murder and covered it up by throwing her off the boat. She had several bruises on her body, but investigators say that the bruising could have been caused by her landing on the water. Did the murderer know that investigators would think that she just fell off due to her alcohol level and landing evidence?

Overall, these theories have been around for years and will only continue to grow. These murders may never be solved, but investigators as well as the general public won’t stop until they find the truth.