Popular Books to Read this Fall

Popular Books to Read this Fall

Lemane Namarra, Reporter

As the weather gets colder nothing sounds better than curling up with a good book. Whether you like scary, comical, or heartfelt books, there is an option for you. I challenge you to put down your phone, and pick up a thrilling novel! There are tons of new books coming out that complement any mood.

New book ARARAT by Christopher Golden, Is a fictional horror that intertwines with real-life effects making the story more believable. In the story, there is an earthquake that takes place in Mount Ararat, Turkey which reveals a ship that some believe to be Noah’s Ark in a hidden cave. A team of scholars, filmmakers, and archaeologists enter to find out more. While in the cave a horrible blizzard traps them in when the unimaginable happens, and they are trapped in there, but they aren’t alone. There is something else in that cave and no one knows what it could be, but they will soon find out.

The book Theft by Finding is a book you won’t want to put down it’s so funny! David Sedaris wrote this book hoping to put a smile on the reader’s faces. This is a diary that David kept of salacious gossip, soap operas, overheard comments, and secrets confided by total strangers. If you are looking for a good laugh that will leave a smile on your face, this is the book for you.

Author, Sarah Dessen, wrote Once And For All a heartfelt and tear-jerking book that will pull at your heartstrings. Louna, a young female who works as a wedding planner swears she is done with romance. Until one day a guy named Ambrose walked into her life causing havoc with her plans of being a young and independent businesswoman at this time in her life. Louna has to figure out how she is going to deal with this new man her life and resist his handsome looks.

There is a book out there for anyone and everyone! The colder months are a perfect time to settle down, get comfortable, and get lost in a good book.