“Nuclear war may break out any moment”

Gavin LeMay, Reporter

As things heat up with President Donald Trump and Dictator Kim Jong-Un, a closer chance exists for a potential nuclear war breaking out.  From Business Insider, On the surface, the latest US military movements may look like preparations for a preemptive strike on North Korea’s nuclear infrastructure. But it’s clear the two forces are still locked in a stalemate.” The USS Michigan, a stealthy submarine laden with 150 Tomahawk cruise missiles, just arrived in the South Korean port of Busan. It most likely carried Navy SEALs and covert submarines designed for operations deep behind enemy lines.

This concerns many Americans because we have no control on what President Donald Trump does or says to North Korea. Also with North Korea learning how to use Nuclear Missiles, an alert is okay. But the extreme forces that President Trump has been using is an alarm to Americans across the country. Junior, Matt Kennedy, thinks that the forces President Trump is using are okay “I think what he is doing is okay. He is doing his best to protect the country.” We will continue to see the outcome of this “Cold War-like Standoff” as American wait.