Fall Fashion

Rachel McLaughlin, Reporter/Editor

With every new season, there come new outfits. Winter brings warm jackets and fresh boots. Spring brings raincoats and jeans. Summer includes new shorts and t-shirts. But what does fall bring? Fall can be an awkward in-between time for fashion. It’s cold in the mornings but then warms up by the time we are leaving school. So what do we do? Throw on a sweater hoping we won’t get too hot by the end of the day?

“Fall fashion is just my favorite,” says Marie, “it’s a time to bring out the scarves, boots and oversized sweaters. My go-to outfit is checkered vans, my thrifted-mom-jeans and of course, an oversized sweater.” She enjoys wearing warm colors like maroon and yellow.

Rachel Kleszyk and Bel Lewis say that “in general oversized sweaters and baggy t-shirts have become a new trend recently.” Vintage, 90’s-styled pants are also back in style.  Embroidery, corduroy, and wraps have also made an appearance on the market. The colors of the season are definitely red, burgundy, forest green and mustard yellow. Their go-to fall outfit is “Leggings, a warm hat, and a big comfy sweater. Sometimes a Patagonia button up with loose jeans to stay warm!” Lewins says, “Maybe a vest too if I am feeling a bit chilly willy!”

TG guys also provided their input on fall fashion.  Braeden Mischke says his go-to fall outfit is “A nice of pair of vans, with khaki pants, a button-down or plain white t (after his favorite band the Plain White T’s) with a sweater over the top.” He mainly loves wearing the color maroon and throwing on a watch to complete his look.

Jesse Namoondes favorite fall outfit is “Black joggers (brand either Adidas or Nike), and then whatever brand the joggers are is the same brand as the sweatshirt I will wear.” He also will add a neutral colored sweatshirt because of the fall vibe to help the focus be on his shoes. He doesn’t believe fall is vibrant, although his shoes will be vibrant to stand out. His shoes will be the same brand as his joggers and sweatshirt. “I will then put up my hood up a quarter way to keep my neck warm but then still be able to see my beautiful face and hair. I recently pierced my ears so that is a great way to finish up my outfit.”

Baggy clothes are what work best for style, fit and comfort this season. Fall fashion allows for many trends, but the important aspect to remember is to stay warm while being able to showcase the fall colors