First Three Weeks NFL Season


Daniel Claussen, Reporter

Three weeks of the NFL season have gone by, showing some good and not so good starts. The Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons are the only undefeated teams left in the league. Two teams that have surprised people in a good way are the Titans and the Lions both with records at 2-1. It is common for both teams to have losing records and are typically thought of as the most “terrible teams.” The Lions only loss was a  close game to the Atlanta Falcons who, over the last two years, have shown their dominance.

The Titans loss was tough. They lost to the Oakland Raiders the first game of the year, but since then have had impressive wins against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Seattle Seahawks respectively.

On the other side, there have been teams who have surprised many in a negative way. There are multiple 0-3 teams, however, the New York Giants and Cincinnati Bengals have struggled mightily. The Bengals offense has been their downfall as they have averaged only 11 points per game, the worst average in the league. The Giants are right above them averaging 12.3 points ranking them the second-worst offense in the league. Both the Giants and Bengals are both common playoff teams, but this year is starting to look like a different story.

There have been surprise performances among the players as well. Kareem Hunt, of the Kansas City Chiefs, is a rookie and is leading the league in rushing yards. Hunt is a reason why his team is undefeated. On the other end of the spectrum is Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens. Flacco has the second most interceptions in the league with 6 and the only person ahead of him is a rookie who plays for the Browns. The NFL has definitely not disappointed with the amount of action, hopefully, it continues throughout the rest of the season.