Should High School Graduates take a Gap Year?

Calisto Zhang, Reporter

Many adults take the time or have the opportunity to travel around the world. They are able to experience the world, while students are forced to study it. Most of their knowledge comes from their books or classes. 

The college application process has begun for seniors, and many have a dream college picked out. However, there is a group of students with alternative plans. Some students choose to travel or get a job before going to college. What are the reasons and benefits students decide to take a gap year? 

Louis Zhao is a Totino-Grace international student who came from China. He said, “Some students choose to have a gap year because it might help students know the world better and learn something new. But those people who take the gap year will lose a year of education, which means it they graduate one year later than those normal students. At the same time, they might be more independent.” Zhao also mentioned that he will take a gap year if it can be a learning experience, get a scholarship, and take time to relax.

Avelyn Lee, is also an international student at TG who came from South Korea. She said, “people choose to have a gap year because some needs to take time to get to know themselves rather than studying a set curriculum. If the year is not productive, they are basically wasting a year of meeting new friends and studying as a college student.” She also mentioned that if she has the chance to take a gap year, she would like to go to Europe, because she wants to spend more time there.

Canyon Brown, a sophomore who came from Japan, said that students who spend an extra year travel, their classmates are one year younger. He said, “Some students need a break from study and think about their future. But I would like to go to college right after high school.