Freshmen Adjusting to Life at TG?

Marie Clysdale, Editor

A new grade enters the world of high school at Totino-Grace. Roughly 200 freshmen joined our community this past month. For many students, Totino- Grace is a big adjustment. High school is generally intimidating for most students because of the new responsibility and flexibility. 

According to TG freshmen, Charlie Clysdale, the most significant change has been the size of the building and number of people. The biggest difference between high school and middle school, according to many freshmen at Totino- Grace, is the size. Charlie Clysdale was previously a student at St. Odilia Catholic School and said, “Totino- Grace is different because I am used to going to school with the same people for the past 9 years, so it was kind of scary going to a larger school.”

Despite the size, many students were happy to have met new friends. A common favorite about Totino- Grace among the freshman have been the teachers. Steven Golden said, “It’s nice that the teachers don’t treat you like a little kid.”

Many freshmen commented that high school allows for more freedom. Tess Jacob said, “You have more freedom, but I’m busier at the same time.” Most students are already involved in new activities or are planning to join on joining Totino- Grace sports in the upcoming seasons. Some of the most popular freshmen sports are dance team, football, hockey, and baseball.

The freshmen are starting to realize the importance of responsibility in high school; however, many commented that they aren’t feeling overwhelmed in school. “It’s just as I expected it to be,” is a common answer among freshmen. Totino- Grace freshmen appear to be adjusting to the changes of high school and enjoying their experience at TG.