The Name Of The Wind Book Review

Macallan McSherry, Contributor

A masterfully written book, full of adventure, excitement and  devastating tragedy, Name of the Wind, is a riveting book. It will make you want to keep reading and never want to put the book down.

The book starts out slow, but then it hits a point where it just picks up and is nonstop action, keeping you waiting and wondering. The story focuses on a boy named Kvothe, a young boy around the age of thirteen. He is in a famous troupe of singers and performers with his family and friends.

One normal day while he was traveling with his troupe, tragedy strikes while he was away from the caravan in the woods. He comes back to discover a terrible sight. Frightened, he flees to the woods where he uses his knowledge to survive for weeks, before he realizes what he has to do. He travels to the big city of Tarbean. Kvothe, a very smart boy, knows that his only chance of becoming something is if he goes to the Academy.

The book talks about his journey to the academy and a short insight on his life in the academy. It was a very well-written book with many surprises and full of excitement. It will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book.