2016: A Year in Review

Kate Lawless, Editor

One of the great qualities that Totino-Grace has is that it is a community of people who work hard and succeed. Yet another year has passed and through two halves of each school year, TG has continued that tradition of excellence. The students and staff have grown as a community, said goodbye to an awesome class of seniors, and welcomed the new freshman.
In areas of the arts, TG students excelled in all areas. Firstly, the E’gals proved once again how talented they are by winning the state dance championship for the second time in a row. They’re now “double state champs” and we all look forward to them proclaiming that they are triple state champs after the upcoming season.
Company of Singers had a difficult season at first, but continued to work hard all season and mainly focused on having fun during their final performance. They were considered underdogs at the Nashville National Show Choir competition, but surprised the audience and themselves when they took second place, after moving up a slot after the preliminary performances. Their energy captured the judges attention and they brought home yet another trophy for TG. The theatre programs also put on three great productions: All in the Timing, Free To Be You and Me and Guys & Dolls. The 2016 fall production won many Spotlight awards for the cast overall and for some individual performers.
Of course, our athletic teams also deserve lots of praise for their work during 2016. Our varsity football team had an undefeated season, defeating teams from schools twice our size. At the State championship at the new U.S. Bank Stadium, TG fans were excited and optimistic about the team because of their previous success. The Eagles did not disappoint and won the State Championship!
TG has many athletic and musically talented individuals, and also has many incredibly gifted students. Last term, two seniors, Michael O’Dea and Hannah Gams were named National Merit Finalists, a huge academic honor. Another class of Engineering classes completed and presented their amazing Capstone projects, which were various items that solved day-to-day issues, based on their research over the year. Students studied for finals and many took the ACT and got great scores!
Our faculty worked very hard to encourage students to behave safely and be conscious of how their decisions affect their futures and others through many events. The Arrive Alive campaign touched many people with it’s reenactment of a car crash using actual students from TG. Groups such as PPLP and Empower, as well as Mental Health Week helped students learn to take care of themselves and others. TG also hosted a very successful Blood Drive with the help of the American Red Cross.
As a Catholic School, students are encouraged to participate in service throughout the year. In 2016, many students volunteered at the many service options provided by the school. Students served meals to the homeless, tutored students, packed meals at Feed My Starving Children, and did many more different activities. One particularly popular service opportunity was going Sharing and Caring Hands. Many students also went on mission trips everywhere from in the Twin Cities to New York City to Haiti. Altogether, the community completed around 4,000 hours of service.

2016 was a successful year for Totino-Grace. We learned a lot, grew in our faith, participated in service, and supported our community by either cheering on the groups and individuals who excelled this year or by being a part of those successes. TG looks forward to 2017 being an even better year!