New Year’s Resolutions

Megan Smith, Contributor

New year’s resolutions allow people to start over and change something in their life for the new year. “New year, new me” is a quote that almost everyone has heard. The resolutions have a positive impact on life. The most common theme of 2017 is being healthier.

People have been pledging to exercise more, drink more water, and eat healthier. “I think it is the perfect time to start over. To be able to form a new habit that is beneficial to your health is great!” Paige Ross explains, “It is a great way to start a habit when everyone else is basically doing the same thing as you.”

Another common theme was college. Ian McCormack said he wanted to have all of his college applications done by March 15th.

But when some people were asked, they admitted to not having made a new year’s resolution. “Why do you need to have a specific date to change something in your life? If you want a change you should just make it whenever,” said sophomore Sydney Bebeau.

Paul Lansford said, “I know I could never keep one so why even make one?”

People’s past new year’s resolutions have gone as well as everyone would expect. The words I got when I asked were “terrible”, “not so good”, and “failures”.

But no matter if you have a new year’s resolution or not, you can still choose to make the year great!